Bare Beats

East London producer/beatmaker Bare Beats first made a name for himself in the UK underground hip-hop movement as a DJ, record dealer and as the founder of Bare Records, crafting a signature sounds reminiscent of an East London take on classic boom-bap with a uniquely dark twist…which actually makes perfect sense if you’ve ever been to East London. 

Introduced to the Canadian underground hip-hop scene via a chance meeting with Modulok in 2006, Bare Beats has become a sonic force behind not only some of the UK’s illest emcees but Canada’s as well, including Abiade, Smokey, Kal Sereouz, Modulok, Apollo Creed and SJ the Wordburglar, most notably producing two Modulok releases, 2008’s Two Cities and 2010’s The Traffic EP.
In 2008 Bare Beats headed into new musical territory with the formation of The Kemistry.  Primarily a collaborative effort between himself and vocalist Kemi, but collaborating with emcees and incorporating a live band into their performances, the two forge a diverse range of musical influences into a unique sound that falls somewhere closer to trip-hop/downtempo territory but defies simple categorization.  Although Bare Beats admit his first love will always be underground rap, The Kemistry massively broadened his fan base as their live shows and string of EPs - The Tour and The Core (2009), The Jumble (2010) and Dilatare (2011) - creating an intense buzz in the London underground music scene.

Bare Beats has continued to expand his musical output both as a solo artist and a beatmaker, venturing into dub (under the alias of Fench), as well as glitch and dubstep territory, occasionally joining forces with fellow London hip-hop producer Smokey under the alias Bare Smoke, all the while staying rooted in a hip-hop foundation.  This diversity was given a spotlight on his recent producer album I Won’t Sleep Again (2010), the first in a series of solo EPs.

Upcoming projects include the on-going I Won’t Sleep Again series, a new full-length from The Kemistry, a new project with Modulok entitled Wanderlust, while he continues to maintain an on-line radio show, Bare Radio.