The Kemistry

Two East Londoners – one a producer best known for rugged, bare-knuckle hip-hop beats, the other an exceptional singer with a soul foundation and unique talent for haunting melodies – came together in 2008 to form the collaborative project, The Kemistry.  When these two personalities clash, it spills out on to magnetic tape as atmospheric, cinematic bangers, built of ethereal vocals over dusty, head-nodding breaks, with a kind of film noir ambience.  As journalists have attempted to slap the labels trip-hop, down tempo, dub, and many more, the truth is that the only way to describe the Kemistry sound is to call it…the Kemistry sound.  Rocking shows with a live backing band and frequently collaborating with emcees like Modulok, Apollo Creed and Smokey, the Kemistry have created an intense buzz in the UK underground music scene, solidified with the release of a string of EPs - The Tour and The Core in 2009,and The Jungle in 2010 and Dilatare in 2011 - and are currently working on a new full-length for Takaba Records.